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The Secret Powers of the Tapestry -

House Protection Amulet

The Zohar is teaching us that a person's home should be treated as his temple. Everyone should live in a place that feels like a home, infused with love, comfort and embracing presence of security. A home like this is a necessity for every person in order to be recharged and feel protected for the whole day. The holy names on this tapestry are encoded in the Bible and revealed in the Zohar. They have been used for millennia in order to infuse positive energies into the walls, floors and ceilings of houses in order to turn them into sacred, protected homes.

You can meditate on the holy names of the tapestry just by looking and concentrating upon them. Imagine how you draw Light and bliss through the letters into yourself, your family members and into every atom of your home. Repeat that meditation daily and you will see and feel the change within weeks. The divine names on the tapestry have the power to bring positive energies to your home or business even when you do not meditate upon them.

The layout and art of this embroidered tapestry is based on ancient sacred art that was used for the same purpose for millennia.