Jewelry - Perfect World Museum January 23 2013

Jewelry is an art of everyday attire. It represents social status, state of mind, and is an adornment donned to enhance and embellish attractiveness. The Jewelry presented on this site is not only ornamental but mostly it reflects spiritual elements from Kabbalistic traditions. Each of the artifacts carries a special meaning. It accompanies, represents, and believed to bring about what people wish and yearn for: happiness, protection, love, prosperity, spiritual wholeness and health.

Historical Background of Jewelry with Kabbalistic Symbolic Content

Kabbalistic jewelry generally comes in special content of symbols; Hebrew letters, shapes and forms since it holds spiritual significance and carry a message or bring in positive energies at the same time is symbolic. Unique in design it facilitates in upholding traditions and history. Modern designs are inspired today by items found in archeological excavations, family heirlooms, Biblical descriptions etc.

This kind of jewelry is a combination of culture and fashion that makes them personal and practical. An assortment of Kabbalistic jewelry referred of wide repertoire of models designed and inspired by ancient artifacts found in museums and private collections around the world. Some of the artifacts are inspired by ancient holy texts or concepts. The design is making the jewlery personal and thoughtful gifts for the near and dear ones.

 Kabbalistic jewelry carries pure meaning, spiritual infusion of positive energies and a touch of holiness along with loads of good wishes if gifted. They are a wonderful combination of hope, faith, and love, crowned with beauty.