Brit Mila (Circumcision) Cushion with Kabbalistic Names of Protection Embroidery 63cm x 41cm w/Swarovski stones


Brit Mila (Circumcision)

The moment of the Brit Mila is a crucial moment in a child's life, although he has no consciousness or memory of it. The Wisdom of Kabbalah attributes great meaning to the ceremony of Brit Mila and because the baby’s involvement in the ceremony is very limited, the responsibility is assigned to his parents, the Mohel, the Sandak (godfather), the person who blesses on the wine and who gives the baby his name and finally the rest of the audience. All of them must be aware to their crucial role and responsibility in the baby’s future. 

The Brit Mila's cushion has a long tradition of embroidery along many generetions. The need to protect the baby from negativity by surrouning him with the names of God, made it very common to have amulets of protection arround him. That can be found in many Jewish communities arround the world.

This special Brit Mila's Cushion has embroidery of few Kabbalistic elements known for their special protective qualities:

  1. Ben Porat Yosef... (Genesis, 49:22) A verse used broadly for protection from Evil Eye.
  2. Eliyahu HaNavi Zakhur LaTov - Elija the Prophet of Blessed Memory - known as The Angel of the Brit.
  3. 130 permutations of Elija's name, known as a strong protection against evil.
  4. The Priestly Blessing on a Hamsa.
  5. The Names of all five Archangels.
  6. The 72 Names of God.
  7. The Name of 42 Letters - Ana Beko'ah.

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