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The Story of Asenath

The story of Asenath is one of the most compelling tales in the bible.

It says in the Midrash (Ancient Legends on the Bible) that Asenath was the daughter of Dina, the daughter of Jacob the Patriarch.

Asenath was in danger the moment she was born. Jacob, her grandfather, knew that she would have to leave and he probably would not see her for a long time. Therefore, Jacob wrote an amulet for Asenath, a holy name on a golden plate, and he put it on her neck. After Jacob hid the baby under a bush, Angel Michael took her to Egypt to the house of Potiphar the High Priest of On. Since Potiphar's wife was barren, they adopted the baby and raised her as their own.

Asenath always knew that she was adopted but she did not know who she really was and where did she come from.

She just knew that she was found with that golden pendant which she always wore.

At the time Asenath was growing up in Egypt, Joseph, Jacob’s son, was sold as a slave by his brothers and he'd arrived to Egypt. Years later he became second in command to Pharaoh. 

When Joseph rose to power in Egypt all the young women used to go out to their balconies and rooftops to see him when he was passing by because he was so beautiful. The Midrash says that he was one of the few most beautiful men that ever walked on Earth. The young women of Egypt used to throw at him jewels to catch his attention. One day Asenath saw Joseph from the rooftop of Potiphar’s house.  Looking at him, she knew immediately that he was her soulmate but didn’t really know how to get his attention. Then, she thought about the golden pendant that she was wearing.  She immediately took off the precious pendant and threw it at Joseph. When Joseph picked it up and read the holy name that his father wrote on it he realized that she was from his family, the lost grandchild of Jacob, later he married her. Joseph and Asenath had two sons, Menasheh and Ephraim that, later, became two of the twelve tribes of Israel.