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The 72 Names of God August 23 2017

One of the most famous miracle stories in history is the story of the splitting of the Red Sea. Moses and the Israelites were escaping from Egypt and found themselves cornered by Pharaoh’s army while standing at the banks of the Red Sea.  With nowhere else to turn, they prayed out to God for help.

God answered back to Moses and said "I gave you the tools; now use them to split the red sea and go". Moses split the sea and he and the Israelites crossed through and their lives were saved.  How did Moses do this? The secret can be found in the actual three verses in the Hebrew Bible that describe the event (Exodus 14:19-21).

The three verses have 72 letters in each of them. The Kabbalists reveal that the 72 three letters names are coded in the three verses in a way that the first letter of every name comes from the first verse of the three, second letter from the second verse and the third letter is from the third verse in a sequential order. Thus the Kabbalistic tool of The 72 Names of God was revealed. These names have been used for millennia for healing, fighting enemies, overcoming challenges, transforming financial difficulties, creating positive emotions of love, overcoming trauma and much more.

Using the 72 Names of God:

Scan the 72 Names (All of them or a particular name) while focusing on an issue in your life you would like to transform. Pray for the bliss of God to enter into your life and transcend your challenge. Continue scanning and praying till you feel a transformation. Remember to pray for others also and repeat daily and in times of need. Carry the names with you as an Amulet Jewelry. Place it on your home or office walls as a painting, print or embroidery. Using The 72 Names for prayer, on jewelry or house protecting amulet is an ancient tradition, known in most Jewish communities.                                                                                                  

The Star of David סוד המגן דוד January 24 2013

The Star of David - Magen David (Hebrew – The Shield of David) is an ancient Kabbalistic symbol of protection. It is made of two triangles that surround an imaginary center point. Together with the center point the star has seven points. Any force of true protection has to be based on the force created by a balanced flow of Divine Light. This balanced flow is based on the three Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Nuriel – initials MaGeN (Hebrew: a shield, vowels in Hebrew are not letters) hence the Hebrew name of the Star of David – Magen David. The Archangels represent the three primordial forces needed for the functioning of every system: Archangel Michael - The Right Column – Loving, kindness, compassion and sharing (Positive). Archangel Gabriel - The Left Column–The Desire to Receive, passion and excitement (Negative). Archangel  Nuriel - The Central Column – The Desire to Receive for the Sake of Sharing, balance, circuitry (Resistor, Neutral) The three points of the upper triangle represent those three basic forces in their divine; higher, potential form (meditative, thought, consciousness). The three points of the lower triangle represent the same three forces in their mundane, manifested, actual form. When these two triangles are connected one of top of the other they surround a middle point – the person himself, his life, body, belongings etc. This force Malkhut (Kingdom) is symbolized by King David or by the Hebrew letter Hei ה. Therefore both, the Star of David and especially The Hei ה have been used for drawing protective, balancing forces to homes, place of work and to individuals.

 סוד המגן הדוד

המגן דוד הוא סמל עתיק של הגנה על פי חכמת הקבלה. הוא עשוי משני משולשים המקיפים נקודת מרכז דמיונית. יחד עם נקודת המרכז יש לנו כוכב עם 7 נקודות (שש פינות או קצוות ונקודת המרכז). כל כוח של הגנה אמיתית צריך להיות מבוסס על הכח שנוצר על ידי זרימה מאוזנת של האור האלוהי. זרימה מאוזנת זה מבוססת על הכוחות המיוצגים על ידי שלושת המלאכים מיכאל, גבריאל ונוריאל - ראשי תיבות – מגן, ומכאן השם מגן דוד. שלושת המלאכים מייצגים את שלושת כוחות היסוד הדרושים לתפקודה של כל מערכת: המלאך מיכאל - קו ימין - חסד, אהבה, טוב לב, חמלה ונתינה (חיובי). המלאך גבריאל קו שמאל - הרצון לקבל, תשוקה והתאוות (שלילי). המלאך נוריאל – הקו האמצעי - הרצון לקבל על מנת לתת, איזון, מעגליות (הנגד המאזן, ניטראלי). שלוש הנקודות של המשולש העליון מייצגות את שלושת היסודות האלה ברמה הרוחנית הגבוהה, רמת הפוטנציאל (הכוונה והתודעה). שלוש הנקודות של המשולש התחתון מייצגות אותם שלושה כוחות בצורתם הגשמית, הבאה לידי ביטוי בפועל. כאשר שני משולשים אלה מחוברים זה מעל זה הם מקיפים את נקודת אמצע - האדם עצמו, את חייו, גופו, רכושו וכו' - ספירת מלכות. דוד המלך נחשב כמרכבה (מלשון להרכיב ולחבר) של ספירת מלכות. ספירת מלכות מיוצגת גם על ידי האות ה'. לכן שניהם, מגן הדוד ובמיוחד האות ה' משמשים כסמל להגנה, הבאת איזון ושמירה לבית, מקום העבודה וליחידים.

Judaica – Perfect World Museum January 23 2013

Along the history of mankind people used art in order to express their religious feelings of respect, love, awe, devotion etc.

Millennia of the history of Jewish art – Judaica, have generated countless treasures of artifacts, styles, traditions that manifested people's aspirations, hopes, dreams, and deep emotions.

Kabbalistic teachings are based on a rule that claims that spiritual entities – roots, are represented in our sensual, physical (limited) reality by worldly symbols – branches. That means that everything around us, the human body, nature (animals, plants, celestial bodies, etc.) and so on, can represent celestial ideas, divine forces and angelic powers that cannot be felt by the five senses.

The Biblical texts and many other Jewish scriptures contain symbols that are very easy to manifest in art and therefore they can be found in Jewish Ceremonial Art along the generations. Kabbalistic teachings always had the explanations to the different symbols and their meanings.

Kabbalah gives a systematic explanation to everything we know in this reality that includes details like why do people have five fingers in every hand or what is the meaning of the different colors of the rainbow. 

Performing a ritual, a Mitsva, with an artifact that is especially beautiful and expensive showed, along many generations, appreciation to God and to the ritual He gave to people. This is why Jewish ceremonial artifacts have been usually made by artists and skilled craftsmen.

 Therefore, it was inevitable that Kabbalistic symbolism and motifs have always filled the art of making Jewish Ceremonial artifacts or in the building of sacred spaces like Synagogues, Academies and even private homes.

Perfect World Museum has a goal to reveal the hidden meanings of these ancient symbols and motifs; and to uncover historical artifact that are hidden in cellars of museums or in private collections.