Megillat Esther 26" Hand Painted


The Book of Esther / Megillat Ether hand painted, Ashkenaz Arizal writing by selected expert scribes in Jerusalem, Israel. 24K gold additional accents to the illustrations. Sawing of the parchment done meticulously to assure accurate matching of the continuous painting. 

65 cm height

3 meters long

42 lines each column "HaMelekh"


Purim is one of the most powerful days of the year. This a day immersed with the energy of happiness and miracles. The most powerful tool to connect to the awesome powers of Purim is The Megilla.

Megilla means "a scroll", biblical, holy scripture written on a parchment, a skin of a kosher animal.

Usually, megilla is most identified with the megilla of Esther (Megillat Esther), which is read on the holiday of Purim. In fact, when one mentions megilla or "the megilla", generically, he is usually referring to the Megilla of Esther.

Every Purim, the miracle of that day can be tapped in by the reading of a kosher, hand scribed parchment by one person for the whole congregation like during the reading of the Torah. It is also common and meritorious for each congregant to follow the megilla reading from his own hand scribed, parchment scroll.

Our Megilla's are written by special scribes according to the tradition of The Ari.


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