Sparks - Kabbalah Card Game


A Game that Teaches Basic Concepts in Kabbalah

In Sparks (Nitzotzot), we chose 52 basic concepts from the world of the Kabbalah, from the works of scholars and sages such as Rabbi Joseph ben Abraham Gikatilla, Rabbi Moses ben Jacob Cordovero, and Rabbi Isaac Luria, to create a game for anyone who would like to explore Kabbalah, the field of Jewish Mysticism.

The game is made up of thirteen sequences of four cards each that have to do with a specific subject, arranged according to the four worlds of the Kabbalah.

Atzilut (Emanation), which symbolizes the spiritual component.

Beriah (Creation), which symbolizes the intellectual component.

Yetzirah (Formation), which symbolizes the emotional component.

Asiyah (Action), which symbolizes the physical component.


“Each person contains sparks that he must release. The sparks wait for him to come and release them.”     The Lubavitcher Rebbe



The object of the game:

To learn basic concepts in Kabbalah


52 playing cards

65 small cards

Explanatory booklet

There are four ways to play:

  • Go Fish
  • Criss-Cross
  • Matrix
  • Parallels

Ages: For the whole family

Number of players: 1 to 48

Duration of game: 15 to 60 minutes

Concept: Hagai Rom

Development and content: Emma Sham-Ba Ayalon and Hagai Rom

Mandalas: Eitan Kedmy

Design: Avner Haberfeld

Translation: Avraham Leader and Rahel Jascow



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