Hei Protection Pendant / Square 925 Silver


17 mm square

The Hebrew letter Hei ה is a symbol for the presence of God.

The protective qualities of the letter Hei have been referred to during the Exodus.

The Holy Zohar is teaching us that on the night of the 10th Plague, when the Israelites have been ordered to mark their doors with blood, it was in the shape of:

"The Holy Name of the letter Hei ה"

One mark on the full length of the lintel, above the door. One mark along the right doorpost; and the third one along part of the left doorpost. The Zohar teaches that this corresponds to the Right Column - Abraham, Left Column - Isaac, and Central Column - Jacob. The balance of the Three Column System allows the presence of God to dwell whatever is marked with the letter Hei ה.

(Zohar HaSulam, Bo, verse 82)

Why do people carry protective amulets with God's names on it?

"So they will put my name on the Israelites, and I will bless them." (Numbers 6:27)

The literal meaning of this verse is that carrying God's name on someone's body brings God's bliss to his life.

The general idea behind carrying amulets with God's holy names on a person's body is that by doing so, that person marks himself as part of God's territory, outside the domain of any dark forces.

Carrying the letter Hei ה as God's protecting name is the safest since other names could be too strong or too holy for most people's daily routine.

Since the Hebrew letter 'Hei' means, also, number 5, it has been associated with the 'five finger hand symbol', known as Hamsa (The number five in Arabic). However, the words of the Zohar speak about the protective power of the Hei as a 'Holy name of God.'

The Shield (Star) of David

On the opposite side of this pendant there is the symbol of the Shield of David - Magen David, as it is known in Hebrew.

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