Pitum HaKetoret/ The Incense Offering, for Protection & Good Fortune, on Parchment 20cm tall


Pitum Haketoret on quality Parchment, written by a certified scribe. Assorted colors leather-like beautiful binding.

Can be personalized by gold stamp for a single copy or large quantities - please contact us for more information.

Saying or scanning the text of Pitum HaKetoret twice daily is known to be protective from plagues, diseases and any other problems. 

There are many sources for this tradition, especially from the Zohar (Parashat VaYak'hel):

"Whoever reads the 'Pitum HaKetoret' with Kavanah (Intention), daily, will be protected from all kinds of evil, witchcraft, all danger, bad thoughts, bad judgment, and death. (That person) will not be harmed that day since the Dark Side cannot control him. (That person) has a share in (the good of) This World and the World to Come; death will be removed from him and from the rest of the world and he will be saved from all judgments of this world, and from the judgment of purgatory and the judgment of the governments of the nations. Rabbi Shimon bar Yohai said: If people would know how divine is the ‘Pitum HaKetoret’, they would take each word and raise it as a crown of gold over their head.”

Rabbi Haim Palachi wrote: 

(A person should) write the ‘Pitum HaKetoret’ on a parchment like a Torah so he can read it as an Amulet; since the ‘Ketoret’ brings wealth and it is guaranteed that that person’s sustenance will never be hurt and he will always have good fortune and wealth in plenty. (Kaf HaHaim 17:18)

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