Judaica Embroidery - Home Protection - Ana BeKo'aḥ on Beige Velvet W/Swarovski Stones Wall Tapestry 79cm x 19cm


A beautiful embroidery with the Name of 42 Letters (Ana BeKo'a acrostics).

Because of the profound importance of the Ana BeKho’aḥ as a daily prayer tool especially in times of trouble, the ‘Name of 42’ has been common in designs of many historical Jewish artworks. This theme is dominant on the walls of Synagogues in Jewish communities throughout the entire world. Almost all synagogues possess art like this on their walls, in North Africa and Europe, especially on the wall facing Jerusalem.

This theme repeats itself also in the art of jewelry and other amulets found in various Jewish communities, east and west, and is also standard in many charms created with these combinations.

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