The Book of Formation Etching 1859 - Reproduction 100cm x 70cm, Including English or Hebrew CD. Packaged in a Box


The Book of Formation Etching

This unique etching from 1859 describes the essence of creation according to the wisdom of Kabbalah.  The print is based mainly on The Book of Formation, related by Jewish tradition to Abraham the Patriarch, along with the commentary of Abraham’s book from scholars throughout the generations.
Looking at the etching, you will find a fascinating wealth of details along with a rare artistic approach to the evolution of creation according to Kabbalah. You will also find combinations of the holy names, prayer meditations, the Ten Sefirot, the names of angels, the secrets of astrology and the planets, holidays of the Biblical Calendar – all meticulously etched in an impressive presentation of both an historical and artistic statement of content and shape.
Perfect World Museum offers a special CD that takes you step by step through each and every detail in the etching.  This study includes a comprehensive picture of the world’s spiritual, materialistic and ritual components that are available to us for the better understanding of our world from the spiritual aspect.