Online Courses with Shaul Youdkevitch



The courses can be downloaded online at any moment directly from Live Kabbalah University.

In order to access the lectures directly from Live Kabbalah University site, you have to enter the home page, click on the course that you want (If you’re not registered to Live Kabbalah University you have to register), than, pay for the course according to the instructions on the site.

Buying courses trough Perfect World Museum takes till two business days and there’s no need to register to Live Kabbalah University. You will get a mail message with a link and a password, than you can enter the course and download mp3, wma files and other course materials.

Some of the courses can be logged in with no charge (you can enter as a guest).

For a quick registration through the phone, pay on this site, than call +972-52-880-6068 (Israel time, GMT + 2:00, 9am-10pm, Sunday-Thursday).

The School of Kabbalistic Foundation Studies

a.       Kabbalistic Astrology and Monthly Study No Charge

b.      Jewish Holidays in Kabbalah - Celestial Gates in Time No Charge

c.       The Legacy of the Great Sages No Charge

d.      Understanding Biblical Mitsvot, Rituals and Ceremonies According to Kabbalah course curriculum


The Weekly Zohar & Bible Study

1. Genesis/Beresheet No Charge

2. Exodus/Shemot No Charge

3. Leviticus/VaYikra No Charge

4. Numbers/ BaMidbar No Charge

5. Deuteronomy/Devarim No Charge


 The School of Advanced Kabbalistic Studies

  1.  Intro to Rav Ashlag’s Legacy course curriculum
  2.  Tree of Life - The Study of the Ten Sephirot, Volume One course curriculum