My Jerusalem - Spiritual Shabbat Meals


When people come to Jerusalem they want their soul to be touched.

Looking for a place for eating in Jerusalem on Shabbat? Looking for a special experience while spending Shabbat in Jerusalem? Kosher restaurants in Jerusalem are closed on Shabbat; dining in a hotel in Jerusalem on Shabbat looks, sometimes, like eating in any hotel back at home.

Join us for a magical authentic Shabbat experience in our beautiful home just minutes from Jaffa Gate and Mamilla; warm hospitality, delicious, homemade food, friendly faces and a lot of love.

For groups up to 30 people.

In addition, we have always, young, happy, Yeshivah Boys from around the world, singing and dancing, making sure that your Shabbat Dinner in Jerusalm will be unforgetable.

Holiday Meals are available, get in touch for details.

Osnat: IL +972-52-72-11-465 

Kosher Le’Mehadrin.


A Kabbalistic Shabbat with explanations and study (no need for previous background)

Full of Spirituality, Kabbalah, Hassidic teachings, Positive Thinking, and Singing with Rabbi Shaul Youdkevitch. A guaranteed fulfilling and unforgettable time.


All meals are made on the premises from fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Israeli wines and soft drinks served, in abundance, at every meal.

(For individuals and groups up to 25 people)


Home made, organic, Spelt Challah; a large selection of Mediterranean-inspired Salads; North African-inspired Fish Dishes; Chicken Soup with Matzo Balls (Winter); Roast Beef, Lamb, Chicken or Turkey; Assorted Sweets, Cookies, Cakes, Ices; Teas (Winter only).

For reservations call Osnat: +972-52-72-11-465

Payments can be made online on this page after reservations have been made via phone or email.

Our Airbnb - My Jerusalem Haven 

We run an Airbnb facility just next to the Old City and Jaffa St.

For reservations call Osnat: +972-52-72-11-465

For the sleeping arrangements adjacent to the dining room and the kitchen click on the folloeing options:

3 Bedrooms plus – 11 beds

2 Bedrooms plus – 9 beds

Bedroom #1

Bedroom #2

Bedroom #3