My Jerusalem Dinner with a Course of Wisdom


When people come to Jerusalem they want their soul to be touched.

Osnat and rabbi Shaul will host your group in their beautiful home just minutes from Jaffa Gate and Mamilla; warm hospitality, delicious, homemade food.

Dinner will be served including a lecture & discussion about one of three topics based on Jewish Spiritual Wisdom, Kabbalah, Hassidic teachings, Positive Thinking with Rabbi Shaul Youdkevitch:

Only for groups of 20-55 people.

Available on Mondays or Wednesdays

  1. Jerusalem's Story is Your Story – Jerusalem's story as it is reflected in humanity's eternal quest for happiness, self-fulfillment and success through faith. The secrets hidden in the different monotheistic religions lead us to our own personal journey toward figuring out the meaning of life. What stands behind the belief of the monotheistic religions that Jerusalem is the gate of heaven? How did that affect millions of pilgrims to the Holy City as well as world philosophy, art and politics till this day?


  1. Jewish Sacred Art – A presentation showing a millennia old tradition of the Jewish Sacred Art using jewelry, amulets, paintings, embroideries etc. as means for creating holy, safe spaces around the individual, homes, synagogues and other public spaces. The Jewish Sacred Art used the Hebrew letters, biblical verses and symbolism in a way that was common to Jewish communities worldwide along the ages. How can we learn to identify the repeating magical patterns in Jewish Sacred Art that originates in many countries along thousands of years of history? (There is a possibility that a scribe will come to the house and make personalized amulets for the guests, the price of the amulets is not included)


  1. The Secret of the Jewish People – Jews consider themselves as a nation and a religion, however, they never defined themselves, like many other nations, by music, traditional clothing or food traditions. What is special about Jewish tradition? What is the secret behind long years of constant innovations and the miraculous survival of the Jews? How is Jewish tradition defined and how is Jewish wisdom structure? What are the differences between the TaNaKh (the Jewish Bible), the Talmud, the Zohar and the other layers of Jewish Wisdom?

A guaranteed fulfilling and unforgettable time.

All meals are made on the premises from fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Israeli wines and soft drinks served, in abundance, at every meal.

Kosher Le’Mehadrin.



Assorted bread basket

Humus with Zaatar and spiced chickpeas / Tahini / Traditional Matbua

 Moroccan carrot dish / Fried onion and eggs salad / Beetroot Carpaccio

Vinegar garlic seasoned eggplant rings / Home Pickled vegetables

Charred Eggplant seasoned with green Tahini and date honey


Main Course

Oven-baked spelt focaccia topped with sliced Asado, roasted garlic,

mushrooms and pine nuts

Slow-cooked lamb neck in wine and honey sauce, with root vegetables

Served over Basmati rice

Spring Chicken (Pargiot) cooked with sweet potatoes, mini white potatoes and sesame

Green fresh salad – Lettuce, cherry tomatoes, red onions, olive oil, lemon juice



Hot chocolate soufflé served with vanilla ice cream (Parve)

Chocolate chips Quaker cookies / Cinnamon sugar sticks / Assorted sweets


Red Israeli Fine Wine / Cold Beverages

Guests can bring alcohol, Wine

For reservations call Osnat:

Israel: +972-52-72-11-465

Payments can be made online on this page after reservations have been made via phone or email.


Our Airbnb - My Jerusalem Haven 

We run an Airbnb facility just next to the Old City and Jaffa St.

For reservations call Osnat: +972-52-72-11-465

For the sleeping arrangements adjacent to the dining room and the kitchen click on the folloeing options:

3 Bedrooms plus – 11 beds

2 Bedrooms plus – 9 beds

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