My Jerusalem - A Spiritual Experience in The Old City (Plan 1)


The Old City of Jerusalem – The Spiritual Experience (Plan 1)

With Shaul Youdkevitch


The Tower of David – The Journey after Jerusalem's Eternal Secret

  • The Tower of David – Museum of the History of Jerusalem

  • This is the perfect background for the starting point of the journey after Jerusalem's eternal secret.

  • This location is the place to find that Jerusalem's story is the story of each one of us.

  • We will delve into the spiritual dimension of the Jerusalem experience along the generations. Why is Jerusalem holy to more people than any other site on our planet? What is it that pilgrims through the millennia came to experience in Jerusalem and how is this journey connected to our journey in life?

  • “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” (Mark Twain). People come to Jerusalem to find out Why?


The Davidson Center

West & South Wall of The Temple Mount, The Stairway to The Temple & its Gates

  • Excavations made ​​in the southern continuation of the Western Wall and the Southern Wall revealed streets, shops, bridges and ritual baths from the time of The Temple (1st Century CE), as well as the access steps to the temple itself.

  • This is the place you can walk on the same stones, touch the same walls that have been used daily by the great teachers and sages of that time.

  • We will connect to the experience of visiting The Temple through a ​​meditation on the original staircase that led pilgrims to visit The Temple.

Each of the above topics (The Tower of David & The Davidson Center)) can be expanded easily to a whole day of a fulfilling and memorable experience. 

Old City Markets

  • We will tour the picturesque markets of the three most important quarters of the Old City, the Jewish Quarter, the Muslim Quarter and the Christian Quarter.
  • A special time to experience the special atmosphere and for shopping.



Hebrew, English

French and Spanish optional by appointment.


Fee: $450 Per group for a daily tour (excluding tickets to various sites).


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