Kabbalah Amulet, Protection - Magic Square Silver Amulet 17th Century


925 Sterling silver

Size of Pendant: 1.2" X 1.2" / 3 X 3 cm


The ancient art of Gematria, where numbers correspond to Hebrew letters, conveys a mystical meaning to the inscription on this amulet. The numerical equivalent of the letters in this square is 15 - horizontally, vertically and diagonally. The number '15', as well as the central letter "Heh", symbolize the Divine Name. Talmudic sages believed that gematriot were transmitted to Moses with the Oral Law.

Amulets protected the wearer, his family and possessions from natural disaster, spells and evil spirits. The power of amulets lay in the names and formulas of the Divine Name inscribed on them. 

This item comes with a certificate of authenticity of the Israel Museum, Jerusalem. Enclosed is a small description of its historical background in English and Hebrew.

The Holy Magic Square

Our environment is populated with many invisible but powerful energies, some favorable and harmonic, others more pernicious.

The function of these squares, in addition to their undeniable aesthetic value is to channel the positive energy of the cosmic flow. The nine sectors of the square correspond each to one aspect of human existence: Health, Prosperity, Education, Reputation, Support, Profession etc... Each zone of influence is related to directions in space and the first nine letters/numbers of the Hebrew alphabet. Their order is important because the sum of the horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines is always 15, which refers to the lunar cycle and especially the The Holy Name of God - Yod Hei. The sum of every two opposite corners is 10, the number of completeness.

The symbolism, the order of the letters and their shapes are believed to generate positive frequencies and bliss. The Magic Square makes an intense support for meditation as well as a powerful and beneficial tool to generate balance in the different areas of life they represent in the house and its inhabitants and in the life of the person who carries it on himself.