King Solomon’s Seal of Protection


The Original

This item belongs to a series of Classic Amulets, Talismans & Spiritual Remedies of the great Kabbalists of Jerusalem of the recent centuries.

Sterling Silver 925

Engraved on both sides, Kabbalah holy names.

This Amulet is made for protection against Evil Spirits & Negative Energy.

Traditionally, this Amulet is being used for protection on the roads against accidents.

The Amulet should be placed in the car or in the wallet/purse/handbag.

It is mentioned in the Book “Damesek Eliezer” that King Solomon was travelling through the upper worlds with a seal that his name was on it. This is how he was protected from the angels that wanted to hurt Moses when he was travelling there.

Rabbi Abraham Abulafia (1240-1291), wrote in his book, “Imrei Shefer” that what we call today “The Star of David” is “King Solomon’s Seal”.


Created & designed under the supervision and the blessing of Kabbalist Rabbi Shemuel Shemueli Shlit”a, Jerusalem.