High Holidays Parokhet with Meditations & 72 Names of God 140cm x 210cm


Size and colors will be planned with the client.

A special Parokhet for the High Holidays with the meditations on it for each of the 10 days from Rosh HaShana's 1st day till Yom Kippur. This can be found in the verse above the Menorah. This verse is recited every prayer of the 10 Days of Awe. Above every word of the verse you can find the Sephira related to the day and the word (1st day - Keter - Zokhreinu זכרנו).

The Menorah is the traditional Psalms, ch. 67 as a protection for the Synagogue and for the congregation.

On both sides of the Menorah you can find the 72 Names of God.

Under the Menorah you can find the Name of 42 Letters.

Dedications can be added as in this Parokhet, on both sides of the leg of the Menorah according to the needs of the client.

For ordering a different size Parokhet and for colors please send your request to seller and you'll get the price ASAP.