My Jerusalem - Health & Healing in the Bible (Plan 2)


The Old City of Jerusalem – The Spiritual Experience (Plan 2)

With Shaul Youdkevitch

Healing in the Bible & The Temple

The Herodian Quarter – The Houses of The Cohanim

  • Under the houses of the Old City of Jerusalem lies a treasure, a neighborhood of Jerusalem's important cast of the Second Temple period. Houses, rooms, courtyards and ritual baths were preserved as well as jewelry and household items. With them lies the secret of the priests, the descendants of Aharon the priest.
  • According to scientific research, with 80% of those who have a tradition that they are priests (Cohen), descendants of Aharon (Sephardim and Ashkenazim) have identical genetic markers on the Y chromosome that passes from father son. Is there something more? Something non-physical. What is the secret behind the priest and the priestly blessing? Is that of any use for us today?

The Biblical Secrets of Healing (Two Topics)

  1. In Kabbalistic tradition, The Cohen is the symbol of Hesed - Loving-kindness and the power of healing. The tour focuses on the secrets of healing in the Bible.

  2. Water & Healing  - The Mikveh (The Jewish ritual baths), its traditions and the healing powers it holds. Why are there so many Mikveh's in ancient Jerusalem? what are the rules for building a Mikveh? Similar traditions in other cultures and religions


Hebrew, English

French and Spanish optional by appointment.


Fee: $450 Per group for a daily tour (excluding tickets to various sites).


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