72 Names of God


The 72 Names  in The Zohar, Livorno 1856   (click image to enlarge)

The 72 Names of God in The Zohar, Livorno, Italy 1856



One of the most famous miracle stories in history is the story of the splitting of the Red Sea. Moses and the Israelites were escaping from Egypt and found themselves cornered by Pharaoh’s army while standing at the banks of the Red Sea.  With nowhere else to turn, they prayed out to God for help.  God answered back to Moses and said "I gave you the tools, now use them to split the red sea and go".

Moses split the sea and he and the Israelites crossed through and their lives were saved.  How did Moses do this? The secret can be found in the actual three verses in the Hebrew Bible that describe the event (Exodus 14:19-21).

The three verses have 72 letters in each of them. The Kabbalists reveal that the 72 three letters names are coded in the three verses in a way that the first letter of every name comes from the first verse of the three, second letter from the second verse and the third letter is from the third verse in a sequential order. Thus the Kabbalistic tool of The 72 Names of God was revealed. These names have been used for millennia for healing, fighting enemies, overcoming challenges, transforming financial difficulties, creating positive emotions of love, overcoming trauma and much more.

Using the 72 Names of God:


  1. Scan the 72 Names (All of them or a particular name), while focusing on an issue in your life you would like to transform. Pray for the bliss of God to enter into your life and transcend your challenge. Continue scanning and praying till you feel a transformation. Remember to pray for others also and repeat daily and in times of need.

  2. Carry the names with you as an Amulet Jewelry.

  3. Place it on your home or office walls as a painting, print or embroidery. 

Using The 72 Names for prayer, on jewelry or house protecting amulet is an ancient tradition, known in most Jewish communities.

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