72 Names & Archangels 925 Silver Amulet - 55cm Extra Heavy Silver Chain



72 Names & Archangels 925 Silver Amulet with A Heavy Silver Chain

Size: 5cm (2') diameter

This powerfull jewel is designed after similar ancient amulets for personal protection.

Side 1: The 5 Archangels, Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Nuriel and Raphael. The 72 Names of God. Three of The Holy names of God unified as one.

Side 2: The 12 Angels of Protection - The Twelve Precious Gems. The Nine Holiest Names of God. The Ten Sephirot. The Name of 42 Letters - The Ana BeKho'ah. The Holy Name for Prayers. The Yihud (unification) of the names of God, The male and the female aspects as one.

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