Zodiac TAURUS Pendant - KP Gold Plated Necklace, Pearl Birthstone


A beautiful original handmade Gold Zodiac Necklace Taurus with Emerald Birthstone.  The pendant is a just over 3/4" round, 1.25" diameter. About 18" chain.

Zodiac Gold Necklace with birthstone  (represented by green Tourmaline). The pendant is a 3/4 inch circle.

The necklace features both the Kabbalistic letters of the month in Hebrew AND the birthstone of the month!

Taurus The Hebrew month of Iyar

Letters of the Month Pei-Vav - פו

20 April - 20 May.

Since the bracelet is PLATED it should not come in contact with water or chemicals such as perfumes. Improper care, such as showering, swimming, spraying perfumes directly or wearing it during sleep, can seriously harm the gold plating.