Ana BeKo'ah - Name of 42 Letters, Silver Pendant Turquoise Beads 18th Century



925 Sterling Silver

Size: 3.4cm Diameter


A  Hebrew inscription contains the 42 initial letters of the prayer Ana Beko'ah, one of the ancient names of God.

In the middle, the letters לקי (lucky), inutials of 'בראשית מט, יח) לישועתך קיוויתי ה). "I hope for your salvation, O Lord" Genesis 49:18.


Amulets were intended to guard their owners' families and property from natural disasters, spells, and evil spirits.  Some were used to heal sickess and cure infertility; others were meant to shield the traveler from peril, to promote success and bounty, and even to secure the affection of friends and lovers.