Challah Cover with Birkat Kohanim Embroidery and 72 names 60cm x 52cm

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According to Kabbalah, the Kiddush of Shabbat contains 72 words corresponding to the 72 Names of God that Moses used in order to split the Red Sea. The first word of the Kiddush ויכלו has the Gimmatria (Numeric Value) of 72 and the initials of the first three words ויכלו השמים והארץ is והו - the first name of the 72.

Therefore, meditating on the 72 names is important for us in order to draw the heavenly bliss that is available during the Kiddush of Shabbat.

"ובלילה הזה, השבת פורשת כנפיה ושמירה נמצאת על העולם" (זוהר ויקהל)

"On that night (Shabbat), the Shabbat is spreading its wings and protection is available on the world" (Zohar, VaYak'hel)

The prayers and Kiddush of Shabbat bring that intense energy of bliss and protection available on Shabbat to us and to the whole week.

Birkat Kohanim - The Hands of the Kohanim during the Priestly Benediction (read some more...)

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