72 Names - KP Rose Gold 1/2" Narrow Holy Names Bracelet


Rose Gold plated 1/2" narrow bracelet engraved with seven of the 72 Holy Names of God.

This unique bracelet is part of Keren Peled's original engraved designs.

24 Karat rose gold plated brass, 6" inches round with about an inch opening in the back. It has some adjustability.

The names that are engraved in Hebrew on the bracelet are:
Aleph-Lamed-Dalet - protection.
Samekh-Aleph-Lamed - prosperity
Mem-Hei-Shin - Healing and health
Shin-Aleph-Hei - Attracting your soulmate
Hei-Hei-Ayin - Unconditional love
Vah-Hei-Vav - happiness
Kaf-Lamed-Yod - fertility and creativity


Since the bracelet is PLATED it should not come in contact with water or chemicals such as perfumes. Improper care, such as showering, swimming, spraying perfumes directly or wearing it during sleep, can seriously harm the gold plating.

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